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Assisted Living Franchise

Loving Care Residential Assisted Living is now offering franchises under Falkirk Assisted Living. 

A Growth Opportunity
Growth is the defining characteristic of the assisted living industry. Revenues are currently at $12-15 billion per year with no end in sight to an exponential increase in numbers. The current growth rate of assisted living has been unprecedented. Every day in America, there are tens of thousands of families searching for assisted living homes and facilities for their elderly parents or parent.

Are you a person who enjoys helping others? If you answer yes, then a Falkirk Assisted Living Franchise is for you. 


- $130,000 in liquid assets
- A minimum net worth of $300,000
- An interest in helping the community

Interested? Please complete a Franchise Application

Please contact us if you have any questions.

email: franchiseinfo@lovingcareassistedliving.com

phone: (734) 306-5064 

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