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Started in 2007, Loving Care Residential Assisted Living provides professional care for those who can no longer live alone and need some assistance with the activities of daily life. A full range of services are offered including assistance with dressing, bathing, and personal hygiene. We are both wheelchair and walker accessible.

The quiet residential setting of Loving Care Residential Assisted Living has a warm and inviting feel as you enter. We wanted to create a familial atmosphere: the type of home our parents and grandparents have lived in all their lives. With six seniors or fewer, residents live in a place where they can become part of our extended family in a safe and caring environment. Loving Care Residential Assisted Living is a great alternative to large scale institutional assisted living. This lifestyle encourages interaction and provides an atmosphere best suited for caring for you or your loved ones physical, intellectual, and emotional needs.

In addition, our residents have a variety of places to relax. Whether it’s lounging on the large back deck, conversing in the formal living room, or enjoying a book in our setting room, our residents make our facility their home.

Our management has over 15 years of experience in the hospital, homecare, and nursing home field.


Loving Care Residential Assisted Living is a AFC Assisted Living Facility licensed by the Michigan Department of Human Services License #: AS820292538

Providing Protection and Respect to our Residents | License #: AS820292538 | Copyright 2009

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